Star Dusters
Retiree Affiliate of Lockheed Martin Leadership Association
P.O. Box 10310, Burbank, CA 91510-0310

March 2020

Dear Fellow Star Duster:

This is the Star Dusters 49th year as an organization for retired and former Lockheed employees, Lockheed Martin employees and the surviving spouses of members. Our membership now includes  1100 active members whose names appear in this roster. This roster is intended to be enjoyed as a means of “keeping in touch” with friends and associates developed over the years at Lockheed and Lockheed Martin. It should not be used as an unauthorized mailing list. The roster should be handled carefully and not made available to anyone else. It should be destroyed when no longer useful to you.

While we have made every effort to provide the correct name, address, and telephone number of each member, errors do occur. If we have made an error, let us know so we may make the correction. Most importantly, be sure to let us know if you have moved, changed your e-mail address or changed your phone number. Please call toll free 1-888-718-5328, ext. 2011, or e-mail us at: info@lmstardusters.org.

The Board of Directors, Officers and the Coordinators of our various activities deeply appreciate your interest and support. As you know, all work in the Star Dusters is voluntary and we welcome your comments and suggestions.

Our objectives are simple and straight-forward and bear repeating:

  • To provide a warm, friendly, and helpful organization for retired or former Lockheed and Lockheed Martin employees or surviving spouse.
  • To preserve loyalty and team spirit that has always characterized Lockheed and Lockheed Martin.
  • To provide opportunities for members and friends to travel together to interesting locations in the United States and abroad.
  • To provide opportunities for group participation in recreation and social activities.
  • To provide the means for members to “keep in touch” with former associates and the status of activities within the Corporation.
  • To provide information and services to members that will help them enjoy a fulfilling retirement.

Please let us hear from you as your thoughts and suggestions are always welcome.



Gary Hafen
2020 President