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How do I renew my membership?

When you sign in to your account you can control your membership subscriptions. If you do not have an active subscription, you can purchase one here. You can choose to manually renew this each year or set it up to renew automatically at the start of the new year.

The computer issued password is hard to remember. Can I change it?

Yes, click here to change your password (you can also update other account information here).

How do I obtain a password if this is the first time or if I need a new password for some other reason?

If you are a new member, you should automatically sign-in if your membership payment is cleared. You will also receive an email with the sign-in information you used to apply.

If you are already a member, click here and follow the directions to receive a new password. The most common problem is a change in email address that is not in our records - for Membership information, you can update that by clicking here.

Why doesn't my password work?

If you are using automatic password entry from your browser, check to see 
that the correct password is being entered by using a manual entry. Or, click here and follow the directions to reset your password via email.

I tried "NEW PASSWORD" on the HELP page, but did not receive an email, as promised, with a new password.

Your spam software or the spam software of your Internet Provider may be blocking the email. Please remove the spam control, temporarily, or allow email from '', and try again. If you fail after several tries, allowing an hour for an email to route to your Inbox. Then send an email to request help or call us at (888) 718-5328 Ext: 2011.

I sent an email to the webmaster, asking for help, and no reply was received.

Your spam software, or the spam software of your Internet Provider may be blocking the email. Please add the webmaster's email address to the list of addresses that will be accepted. You may also call us at (888) 718-5328 Ext: 2011.

Can I change my username/userid?

At this time, we are unable to change your username, but you may change all other information associated with your Stardusters membership in the My Account section of the site. (You must be signed in to view this).

How do I print a page, such as the new member application form?

Many pages are in Adobe Acrobat format. The printing process varies by the web browser you are using. The process also changes from time to time as web browsers are updated.

Many of the web pages appear to be blank, they contain no data. What is the problem?

Most of the content on the site is private only to members. If you are a member, you must sign in to view private content.

If you cannot view PDFs (such as the newsletter) - this is usually due to not having installed Adobe Reader, free software from In some cases, the version of Adobe Reader and the version of your browser are not compatible. Download the latest versions of both Adobe Reader and of the browser you are using.

Why do I get old information on pages when I know information has changed?

Most browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari and Mozilla Firefox "cache" pages. This means pages are saved in your computer's memory so they do not have to be downloaded from the Internet each time a page is read. The idea is to save download time. To ensure that the browser checks for new information each time the page is requested, set the browser's options to check for a new page each time a page is requested. Settings for this are usually under Internet Options, but may vary depending on the browser being used. Also try Help/cache in your browser for instructions on how to change this setting. Sometimes you have to clear cache to resolve the problem -- again, check under Internet Options or Help/clear cache.

How do I submit photos and articles for the website?

Please email your photos in .jpg format to You can also send us links, video links, and anything else you'd like to share with members!